Online Course One-To-One

Imaginary by Anna Buczek


I am proud to announce One-To-One Skype online course.

These are dedicated to photographers who are unable to to join me in person and who would like to find out more about how I create my Imaginary Arts.

Every Skype teaching session will be different and will be based on different images.

I would like to make it unique and personalized so you can get the most of your online learning.

This Online Course is for one person only.

How does it work?

If you wish to book this online course please message via Contact box and we will go trough booking process.

We then will set the day and time which will be suitable to both of us.

Prior to our online meeting I will arrange shoot with model or models so I will have fresh set of images ready for us to edit.

I will also tell you about backstage and explain how to shoot best possible RAW image.

I will explain lighting techniques, camera settings and talk about inspiration.

I will tell you about props/outfits I used and how to source them.

On the meeting day we will both establish Skype connection and I will share my screen with you.

You will be able to watch me edit 2 images from beginig to the end, ask as many questions as you like and take notes.

To get a full advantage of this online course basic knowledge of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CC is essential.

Please allow maximum 3 hours for this online session.

Please allow approximately week for session arrangement.

Cost of Online Course:


Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer