About Anna Buczek


My name is Anna Buczek and I am polish photographer based in Bedfordshire UK.

My photography jurney started with simple reason which was a birth of my daughter Jasmina-Maria where as a mother I wanted to create some memories of growing daughter. In 2011 I purchased simple DSLR camera and started to learn how to use it.. Once I undrestood the way it works my life changed forever. I simply can not live without photography, It became my way of life taking all my family with it..


I create with light and color I add story and surreal feel to images that I capture. My goal is to create images which are pieces of eye catching art. I describe my style as storytelling photography where subject is captured in such a way to look surreal an unusual.

In 2019 I stepped into bookcover photography which became addictive and pushed me into yet another level.

I constantly learn and I feel that photography has got so many different aspects that can easily take over if you let yourself loose in it..


I offer training, online as well as 1-2-1 individual workshops. My editing technique requires basic PS skills. I operate from home based studio, I work on my own creating outfits and stylizations. I work on simle Canon 6d with Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens most of times.

Thank You for visiting my website!